The PBS listing of the latest option available for the prophylactic treatment of chronic migraine was an important national announcement led by Cube. Having worked extensively in migraine, our team understood the debilitating nature of the condition and recognised optimum patient care is a must for improved quality of life. The overarching goal was to raise awareness of the symptoms of chronic migraine – which affects almost half a million Aussies – and motivate those living with the condition to seek guidance from their GP.


Finalist Prime Awards 2015

Partnering with Headache Australia and working with medical experts and patient case-studies across multiple states to share their knowledge and personal experiences, a national media outreach was successfully executed. An experiential film was also developed and screened to simulate what life is like for those living with migraines. Blanket coverage was achieved across TV, print, radio, online and trade media as well as social media activity across leading news outlets.

This experiential video emulates some of the common symptoms related / linked to migraine, including flashing lights, blind spots in vision, zig zag patterns, and sensitivity to light. If prone to migraines we recommend not viewing the video as this may act as a trigger.