In the context of business, it’s about finding a way to interact with your audiences or those that are important to your business and getting a message out there. It’s all about having impact and making a difference.

When it’s done well and effectively, it can have an extremely powerful and positive effect and elevate a company, product, campaign, amongst other crucial business elements, to a whole new level.


Communications is my passion and an area I’ve worked in for more than 25 years. When I speak to clients it’s about understanding what they’re trying to do, why they are trying to do it and the ultimate business goal. The questions don’t stop there – who are we trying to reach / target (be specific)? How do we reach them? What are the messages we want to deliver? What action or change do we want to see? Content is critical, choosing the words and messages carefully is essential. They need to be well thought out and considered – what are we communicating and why?

The current communications dynamic is all about speed and this means it can be harder to gain traction and understanding. We therefore need to think even more carefully about what we are doing. It’s important to take time to slow down in this high-speed environment whilst remaining responsive and on the forefront with all communication channels.

Our industry is creative and it’s innovative. Every communication is an opportunity. It’s all about thinking carefully and strategically, putting our mastery to work and crafting outputs that lead to a desired end goal. My mantra? Offer something surprising, new, different, highly relevant or all of the above.

Anne-Marie Sparrow
Cube Managing Director

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