We solve complex health communication challenges using our collective industry expertise, deep insights and creativity to innovate, disrupt and deliver impactful results. 

Our goal is always to think strategically on how we best shift audience perception and drive positive behavioural change that adds real and lasting value to organisations.

With creativity at our core, we combine our scientific knowledge and healthcare communications expertise to ensure we deliver outstanding results.

We are also active members of PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia) and CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Products Industry) which means we fully understand our client’s needs when it comes to navigating complex regulatory environments. We are also MA (Medicines Australia) code accredited.

Product Launches

Combining the art of speed and master delivery with quality messages and visuals are critical for an effective launch. 

Whether it is bringing a brand to life through creating identity and personality, defining the values that stand firmly behind a brand, or firmly introducing a brand to the market – Cube is equipped to support with every step of the journey. 

We offer strategic planning, creative ideation and messaging development across new launches to effectively deliver multi-channel engagements across in heavily regulated environments.

From full website re-builds to agile micro-sites, through to educational materials and sales literature, Cube can help bring a brand or product to life. We develop compelling content and engagement designed to exceed industry best-practice standards and deliver to market on time and with outstanding cut-through.


Disease Awareness

Our experience includes delivering compelling campaigns across many disease awareness and education initiatives for both pharma and public health activities. We use insight-led creative and content development, to effectively engage healthcare professionals, patients and the general public across multiple channels both online and offline.

By effectively engaging audiences to think differently about disease/condition management and actively engage in their health journey, we aim to enable optimised health outcomes, improved quality of life and increased health literacy.

Corporate & internal communications

Clear and effective corporate communications have never been more important for global and local business – both internally to engage and motivate employees, as well externally to manage reputation and build trust. 

Through perception audits, environmental assessments, stakeholder mapping and strategic workshops, we support businesses to distinguish themselves in a valuable way from competitors and deliver meaningful benefits to target audiences.

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Access & public affairs

Navigating public policy and the political environment can be complex – but through collaboration with experts we can identify commonalities with stakeholders, build strong relationships and offer support to influence favourable outcomes.

As healthcare companies reshape their strategic approach to accommodate the new ‘normal’ (Covid19), we are on hand to offer expert advice to develop new commercial models and go-to-market strategies that prepare for the uncertainties ahead.

Social & Digital

As pharma companies and healthcare providers re-shape their customer engagement models, both personalisation and digital enablement are becoming increasingly crucial to success. 

Social media is fast-paced, cost-effective, and gets a brands personality out there making connections where customers are spending time and should be a key part of an effective marketing strategy. 

With our digital leadership ability and joint healthcare industry knowledge, companies and organisations can be confident we are the right team to compliantly deliver social media and digital marketing activities for brands.


Crisis & Issues

We are innovative crisis management and recovery experts offering strategic reputation management that can help businesses and organisations detect and respond appropriately to emerging trends or market changes – before they evolve into issues, as well as on-the-ground support in the face of a crisis to protect organisational reputation and credibility. 

Communications training

We also support clients through world-leading industry education, coaching and guidance – tailored to suit their needs, whether it’s upskilling on  PR or social media, understanding best-practice for crisis and issues management, or ensuring spokespeople are fully prepared for complex media interactions.

Our crisis skills training programme enables teams to withstand a challenging situation, to minimise reputation risk, while media training equips teams to be articulate, build positive presence and contribute actively to public commentary.