To achieve outstanding results, we deliver bold, brave, and visionary campaigns that challenge traditional thought and drive behaviour change.

We support business leaders, marketers and communicators to deliver campaigns that enhance reputation, ensure recognition and build resilience.

We firmly believe an integrated approach is essential to achieve consistent messaging across traditional and digital/social channels.

Immunisation Coalition

With flu vaccination rates being only 30% for high-risk groups in 2019, Cube set out to tackle the worst flu season on record. Powered by a creative social campaign, utilising consumer and trade media experts, we introduced a new motivator to persuade high risk groups to seek vaccination and protect themselves from influenza and heart attack.

Pink Hope

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, Cube supported the patient and cancer prevention organisation Pink Hope in launching their e-newsletter campaign “The Hope Weekly”. The purpose of this was to provide their community with relevant information and support. Cube and Pink Hope successfully produced weekly eDMs in a matter of days with overwhelmingly positive responses from the community.

GBMA Linkedin

GBMA Education

Slow uptake of biosimilar medicines is putting increasing pressure on the Australian healthcare system. To increase confidence and awareness among healthcare professionals and consumers, we implemented a multi-channel, targeted social media strategy. By delivering educational and engaging content, we aimed to increase uptake of biosimilars and generate significant cost reductions for the Australian healthcare system.

CHP AdCheck

From 1 July 2020, mandatory pre-approvals of therapeutic goods consumer advertising ended, moving to a new self-regulatory process. Consumer Health Products Australia (CHP Australia) stepped into support – offering a new independent compliance service run by dedicated experts to support with compliance needs, training, and advice.

CHPA Self-care

Cube supported Consumer Health Products Australia (CHP Australia) on a public health education initiative to advance consumer awareness of self-care, increase health literacy and educate how this can reduce burden on the healthcare system.


Life Healthcare

Cube supported Life Healthcare with an earned media campaign to announce the arrival of the Versius Surgical Robotic System in Australia and its first installation at Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney – making Australia one of five countries in the world to have access to the technology.