Project Overview

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, Cube supported the patient and cancer prevention organisation Pink Hope in launching their e-newsletter campaign “The Hope Weekly”. The purpose of this was to provide their community with relevant information and support. Cube and Pink Hope successfully produced weekly eDMs in a matter of days with overwhelmingly positive responses from the community.


The unprecedented COVID-19 situation meant there was little information and support for immunocompromised individuals, combined with an outpour of negative and misinformed news. We needed to direct the Pink Hope community to reputable sources and develop innovative and personalised ways to connect the community, in a time where feelings of isolation were more prominent than ever before.


To meet the growing needs of the community, Pink Hope created the first Pink Hope eNewsletter series, in collaboration with Cube. The Hope Weekly, provided expert advice and information for the breast cancer community, their families and loved ones. This was delivered in an easy to navigate format, designed by Pink Hope.

The series covered expert and patient interviews, and exploration of self-care resources, trusted health updates for COVID-19 and cancer, educational webinars, and strategic, creative social media activity. Areas of focus included health literacy, relationships, fertility, treatment options and finances.


Engagement: 25% in traffic to the website during the campaign period.
e newsletter
E-newsletter reach of 289,126
eDM email open rate of 22% (compared to an average not-for-profit open rate of 18% for electronic direct mail
23 special media posts across Pink Hope platforms
Achived 2k views in 48 hours for the first webinar episode
Reinforced Pink Hope as a leading body of support in swiftly responding to the changing environment for their community AWARDS