Project Overview

Cube supported Life Healthcare with an earned media campaign to announce the arrival of the Versius Surgical Robotic System in Australia and its first installation at Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney – making Australia one of five countries in the world to have access to the technology.


Versius marked a new era in robotic surgery for Australia. In a competitive environment, it was important to ensure media buzz was created around the country, whilst still connecting with the stakeholders that mattered most – surgeons and hospital executives.


To ensure a broad range of stakeholders were reached, Cube developed an efficient strategy to engage mainstream media, as well as medical trade media. Working with Life Healthcare and Macquarie University Hospital, the team developed a media package with appeal to major metro TV news, as well as trade professionals, including Australia’s first Versius patient, coupled with Macquarie University Hospital’s Surgical Director, Professor David Gillatt.


National television coverage with Channel 9 News, reaching a mainstream audience of <860,000
Further mainstream coverage with syndication via 77 online publications, adding <14 million media impressions
medical media
Medical trade media coverage, reaching a professional audience of 48,000+
Positive medical professional representation with 100% of all coverage including commentary from either Professor Gillatt or Macquarie University Hospital’s CEO, Walter Kmet