Project Overview

Cube supported Consumer Health Products Australia (CHP Australia) on a public health education initiative to advance consumer awareness of self-care, increase health literacy and educate how this can reduce burden on the healthcare system.


Our current climate has put a spotlight on the value of self-care more so than ever before – however only 40% of Australians have a level of health literacy that allows them to meet the complex demands of everyday life – putting a huge strain on the healthcare system.


Cube delivered educational content for teachers and parents, housed on Life Education’s website and social channels. Alongside this initiative Cube developed a core video asset articulating what Self-Care is and what role CHP Australia plays in advancing the self-care of Australians and supporting their members. This video was used with internal and external stakeholders, launched at Parliament House to CHP Australia members and government representatives and boosted on social channels.


Great response across all industry, with product sponsors, agencies, and retailers all using the service.
Media coverage resulted in:

Reached over 19,923 individuals across Life Education social channels
Reached over 150 Life Education educators at annual conference
Self-care animation distributed to over 250 key corporate and government stakeholders and share on social platforms