It’s been an important week for arthritis with the launch of a landmark report by Arthritis Australia in parliament uncovering a hidden health crisis: arthritis remains a chronic condition which is widely misunderstood and a much bigger issue than most realise.

Despite the condition being one of our most widespread and expensive diseases, impacting 3.6 million Australians and costing $14 billion per year, Arthritis Australia’s new report identified significant gaps in research, and confirmed the condition has one of the lowest levels of research funding of all chronic health conditions – keeping Australia dangerously ‘in the dark’ on this important health priority.

The ‘Impactful Arthritis Research’ report was developed in collaboration with Research Australia and guided by the arthritis community. It calls for an urgent focus on research to develop more effective treatments and ways to improve care, with a prioritisation of populations – including children, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, those living in rural and remote areas, and people with disabilities.

Building media presence on this important discussion was our priority and our significant thanks go to – Chloe W. The Australian, Neve Brissenden Australian Associated Press (AAP), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Breakfast, 2GB, The Examiner, Health Industry Hub, BioPharmaDispatch, @9Honey – and many more for covering this important health story! Watch the story in full below:

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