Cube is proud to have supported Omico, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in bringing greater awareness to Australians living with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, or LFS– a rare, inherited condition which significantly increases likelihood of getting cancer. Unfortunately, 1 in 2 living people with LFS will develop cancer by the age of 30 and 90% will develop cancer over their lifetimes.

The Federal Government recently committed $1.9 million to fund annual whole-body magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRI’s) for those diagnosed with LFS. This health announcement represents the first affordable, risk reduction strategy for this very high cancer risk group. When cancers are detected at an early stage, patients have the best chance for successful treatment and care.

Thanks to The Australian and Channel 10 for covering this important story – watch the full story below or read more via the Australian here.

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