After a 3-year hiatus, Cube were honoured to support the Rare Cancers Australia community for the Rare Cancers Masquerade Ball! We were thrilled to share this special night with industry & Government leaders, patient groups, families & healthcare professionals working in the field and help to raise funds for rare cancer research and support. Most importantly to celebrate the endless contribution of Kate Vines, in advocating for greater access to treatments for this important community.

Rare cancers can be overwhelming and a devastating diagnosis with many misconceptions and a low awareness. There are some really challenging rare cancer facts we feel it’s worth reinforcing:-

1. Approximately 52,000 Australians are diagnosed with a rare or less common cancer each year, equating to 69 diagnoses each day
2. While one in three cancer diagnoses in Australia are rare or less common, they contribute to over half of all cancer deaths
3. 10% of rare cancer survivors go on to have a second malignancy after 30 years
4. There are actually over 200 different types of rare or less common cancers

Thanks to Rare Cancers Australia, patients & loved ones have a central hub where they can access information, resources & most importantly, a community who can help them through the entire treatment journey.

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